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company news about Daily maintenance tips for crusher equipment

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Daily maintenance tips for crusher equipment
Latest company news about Daily maintenance tips for crusher equipment

The working environment of general machinery and equipment is not very good, especially crushing equipment. Today, I will explain the daily maintenance tips for stone crusher equipment.

First of all, rotor maintenance: rotor failure is mainly manifested in the more serious wear of the turntable. For this, we came up with a solution. Thicken the turntables on both sides of the rotor and choose wear-resistant materials. Regardless of the production capacity of the impact hammer crusher and the number of rotor turntables, in general, the turntables on both sides of the rotor in the turntable are severely worn, which is also the focus of crusher maintenance. The method of thickening the turntable on both sides can appropriately improve the wear resistance, and can also prevent deformation during repair welding.


Secondly, cabinet maintenance: the failure of the cabinet is mainly manifested in the decline of the anti-hit ability after the liner is worn and aged, which often causes the liner to be shot down, and also causes the reduction of the sealing performance of the crusher to produce larger dust. The main method of casing maintenance is to check the lining board regularly, and replace it if it is aging. At the same time, pay attention to the regular inspection of the lining board fixing screws to prevent the loosening of the lining board and causing accidents. It is recommended to use anti-loosening nuts for the fixing screws of the lining board for better effect.

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Repair welding of the turntable: Even if the thickness of the turntable is increased and the material is changed, the wear and tear of the turntable cannot be fully controlled, and daily maintenance is still indispensable. Under normal circumstances, the method adopted is that equipment maintenance personnel regularly repair and coat the turntable. The specific operation steps are: firstly, repair the wear part of the turntable with iron-chromium-boron wear-resistant electrode to restore the original shape as much as possible, and then coat the repair-welded part with tungsten carbide wear-resistant electrode. Tungsten carbide electrodes have better wear resistance, but they are expensive. Considering the cost, the repair process of repairing welding and coating is adopted.


Regular maintenance of the crusher equipment can not only increase the work output of the crusher equipment but also increase the service life of the crusher.

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